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We love the great outdoors and believe strongly in conserving it for future generations. All our patches are made from recycled yarn, with minimal packaging. Any packaging we do use, such as the backing cards to our pins, is made from recycled paper (and fully recyclable).

Supporting rewilding projects in Scotland

Through the conservation charity, Trees for Life, we created The Adventure Patch Company grove in the Scottish Highlands.

Seeded with saplings grown from locally-collected seed (a mix of Scots pine, willow, birch, rowan, hazel, alder, holly, aspen and bird cherry), which are planted alongside other young, native trees, we now have over 600 trees in our grove - with plans to grow this to 3000 trees by 2030.

These trees will help to rewild the ancient Caledonian forest that once covered much of Scotland, transforming open hillsides into healthy young woodland, rich in wildlife such as red squirrel, black grouse and capercaillie.

The Scottish Highlands has a special place in our hearts, so anything that we can do as a small business to help revitalise this beautiful landscape and tackle climate change is a win-win. We look forward to watching our grove grow with our business and invite you to follow it's progress online at:

Trees for Life is a registered Scottish charity: SC021303.

Supporting National Parks across the UK

We also donate over 1% of our total revenue each year to the UK National Parks Charity Foundation, which supports work that improves, protects or enhances the National Parks and programmes that connect people and communities with these special landscapes. UK National Parks Foundation - National Parks

Registered Charity Number: 1182566