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How do I apply an iron-on patch?

1. Turn on your iron to a medium setting (150°C or 300°F) and allow it to warm up. Make sure the steam setting is turned OFF.
2. Cover the badge with a thin piece of material (hankie, pillowcase, etc.) and press firmly with the iron for 15–20 seconds, making sure not to burn the material, badge or garment.
3. Once applied, check all edges and corners are properly fixed and allow the garment to cool for 24 hours before wearing or washing. When washing, turn the garment inside out and wash on a gentle cycle in cold water. Do not tumble dry.


How do I apply a patch using Badge Magic®?

Badge Magic® is a peel and stick adhesive. Do not use an iron to apply Badge Magic®.

1. Trace the outline of the badge you want to attach. 
2. Cut along the outline and remove the shape from the sheet.
3. Peel the printed cover of the shape. Firmly press the back of the badge onto the exposed adhesive.
4. Peel the remaining covering of the badge. Ensure that the back of the badge is covered completely, adding extra adhesive if needed. Hold the badge by the edges and tuck any overhanging adhesive behind the badge.
5. Gently place the badge on the garment or pack. You can still move it around if necessary. When the badge is positioned correctly, press down, especially on the edges. The harder you press, the better Badge Magic® will hold. Using a smooth solid object like the underside of a spoon helps. 
6. Heat the area behind the badges with a hair dryer or put the garment in the clothes dryer on medium heat for 5 minutes. Then press the badges down again, especially around the edges. Your garment is now ready to wear. If a badge edge starts to peel up, it can be re-attached with additional Badge Magic®. In stubborn areas, throw in a stitch to hold the badge edge in place.
7. Wait 24 hours before the first washing. Follow the washing instructions on the garment’s care label. Wash and dry the garment separately from other clothes the first time. To protect badges, turn garments inside out before washing and drying. Tumble dry on a medium, not hot, setting.


How do I remove a patch that has been applied with Badge Magic®?

Patches applied with Badge Magic® can be re-positioned before they are pushed into place by carefully peeling off the badge with the adhesive and re-positioning it. If the badge to be re-positioned has already been firmly pushed onto the fabric or heated in the dryer, we recommend using Badge Magic® Adhesive Remover.

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