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Ron joins The Adventure Patch Company

Chris and I are delighted to welcome Ron as a new member of The Adventure Patch Company team.  Ron is joining as APC’s head of operations; he’ll be handling all patch orders, any patch queries and a whole host of other responsibilities that come with running APC! 

When Chris and I started APC 6 years ago, we didn’t realise just how many other people shared a love of collecting mementos and keepsakes from their adventures. Patches have now become something of an obsession for us, and we’ve had to grow our little team to keep up with our ambitions to keep expanding our patch ranges! 

Anyway, enough from me and over to Ron: 

"Hey, I’m Ron – APC’s Operations Manager.  

As a keen endurance runner since my teenage years (including many a wet and muddy day on the cross country), I’ve always had a tendency towards the outdoors because of its humbling nature and endless challenge. For me, the outdoors is all about adventure – a chance to express my natural curiosity with the world and connection to the landscape. When I discovered the sense of freedom it provides, I was determined to make it a routine part of my life! 

I find great fulfilment from putting on my shoes and getting stuck into what the environment and the elements present, whether that be an abandoned January hike on the Fairfield Horseshoe, or a testing fell run along the West Highland Way - with my now regular companion, Ainsley the sprocker spaniel. 


I couldn’t join a team like APC without having some grand adventure plans myself. As I like the endurance element of the outdoors, I plan to visit the Swiss Alps and run the Jungfrau marathon in September 2024. Closer to home, I will be ticking off the Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge and spending more time in the Scottish mountains."

It's fantastic to have Ron join the team. If you have any questions about your order or suggestions for a new patch please feel free to contact us 


The Adventure Patch Company

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