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Never sew on another patch!

We're trialling a new product called Badge Magic which is an adhesive sheet that can be cut to fit the size and shape of any patch.

It's very easy to use and excellent for applying patches to rucksacks and other garments without having to sew them on.

We're currently selling a small number of single squares (to fit 1 patch) for £1.

Let us know if you think this is something you would use!


  • Hi Sue
    Badge Magic is now back in stock. You should be able to find it on our patch listing page, or simply add a patch to your basket and a small prompt to add badge magic will appear!

    Adventure Patch
  • Excellent! I have been seeing badges onto camp blankets for ever! Would love to trial for £1

    How do I add to my order?

    Thanks, Sue (aka Nanny Sew)

    Sue Edes

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